Nonton Film Semi Calender Girl (2016) Subtitle Indonesia
Nonton Film Semi Calender Girl (2016) Subtitle Indonesia
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Nonton Film Semi Calender Girl (2016) Subtitle Indonesia – Kali ini JEJAKMALAM akan menbagikan tontonan Film Semi yang berceritakan tentang skandal sex yang sangat luar biasa. Mau tau Kelanjutannya? Langsung aja nonton Film Semi ini.

Nonton Film Semi – Calender Girl (2016) – In my imagination, she came to me. Jong-moo (Min Hyeok) is happy the calendar model Na-yeong (Han Ga-yeong) is there smiling for him although they can’t be together. One day, the girl of his dreams moves right next door to him and Jong-moo’s boring life turns into excitement. Jong-moo learns about how she suffers behind the fanciness and he puts everything he has on the line to comfort her. Na-yeong is caught between his innocence and her work. Meanwhile, Jong-moo’s friend Yong-jin (Kwon Yeong-ho) dreams of a hot night with his cute girlfriend Ji-hee (Lee So-hee-II) but every time he tries he stands on the verge of death and in the end Ji-hee confesses something to him…

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